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Felt House




Always cover your work surface with a mat or some type of protective covering like wax paper or plastic.

Age Range: 7 to 12

Grade Range: 2 to 6

Skill Level: Moderate

Appropriate for:
Make Believe, Every Day and Rainy Day Activities

Supports Subject Area(s) of:
Language Arts – e.g. step by step instructions
Mathematics - measuring
Visual Arts

Time needed for Project:
1 hour plus lots of drying time for glue



By Jessica Dodge

Materials needed:

2 - 9x12 inch piece of Classicfelt™ from The Kunin™ Group (color of your choice for the side of your house)
1 - 9x12 inch piece of Classicfelt™ from The Kunin™ Group (color of your choice for roof of your house)
1 - 9x12 inch piece of Classicfelt™ from the Kunin™ Group (green for grassy yard)
Small scrap pieces of white for window, brown for door, and any additional embellishments you may like. Example: Flowers for the yard or little hearts for the house.
Elmer's® School Glue (this will be used to stiffen the felt)
1/2 cup measuring cup
4x6 photo paper, 4x6 index card or 4x6 piece of card stock to create your template
Hot glue gun and hot glue sticks
Bowl for mixing water and glue
Cookie sheet or wax paper
Pin or clothes pin
Sewing machine or needle and thread
Paper towels


Step One: Creating your Templates

Measure and cut out 2 - 4x6 inch pieces of paper (to save time I used 2 pieces of 4x6 inch photo paper or 4x6 file cards).
Take one 4x6 inch piece measure 4 inches up on the side that is 6 inches long and draw a line across. Then draw a line using your ruler vertically in the center of the paper making a cross.
Now you need to cut at an angle from corner line to corner line creating the piece you will be using for the sides of the house (the gable ends).
Now you have your templates for the sides, roof and gable ends of the house.

Step Two: Cutting Felt Pieces

(2) 9x12 inch pieces of felt in colors of your choice for your house
(1) 9x12 inch piece of felt in the color your choice for the roof
(1) 9x12 inch piece of felt for the grassy lawn
1 Pair of scissors
The 2 templates you complete in step one
Pins or clothes pins (safe for smaller children)

Pattern: (right click here and choose "Save As" to download to your system)

Now that you have your templates done you are going to use them to cut out the piece to your felt house.

Step One: Take your whole 4x6 inch template and your 4x6 inch template with the cut ends and lay them down on the felt color you have decided on for the sides of the house. Next you can pin the paper onto the felt to hold it still or use clothes pin to hold it in place while you cut.

Step Two: cut out 2 - 4x6 inch pieces (these will be the front and back of your house) Then cut out 2 of the 4x6 inch pieces with cut edges (these will be the gable ends of the house)

Step Three: Take your whole 4x6 inch template and pin it onto the felt color you have decided on for the roof and cut out 2 - 4x6 inch pieces. (this will be your roof)

Step Four: Take your 9x12 inch piece of green felt and just cut the corners off slightly, rounding it a bit. This is your grassy lawn.

Stiffening the felt

Things you will need to complete this step:
1/2 cup measuring cup
Elmer's® School Glue
Bowl and Spoon
Felt cut outs
Cookie sheets or wax paper

Step One: Mix 1/2 cup of glue with 1/2 cup of water in bowl. Mix well until combine.

Step Two: Once you have the mixture well mixed and looking smooth take your pieces of felt that you have cut and immerse them one at a time into the glue mixture. Make sure they become completely saturated in the glue mixture and then squeeze them out and lay them as flat as you can on the cookie sheet or wax paper. Do the same with the grassy lawn piece as well.

Step Three: Leave the felt untouched until they are completely dry. I try to find a nice sunny spot to put them, so they dry a bit faster.

Once they are dry remove them from cookie sheet or wax paper. If you find that your pieces are wrinkled you and put them between two towels and iron over the top of the towels to flatten them. Now you are ready to move onto the next step.

Assembling your house

Things you will need to complete this Step
Sewing Machine or needle and thread
Your stiffened felt pieces

Step One: Take one gable end (a 4x6 piece with end angles cut off) and a 4x6 piece and sew the to 4 inch sides that match up together.

Step Two: Do the same thing as step 1 with your 2 remaining pieces. Now that you have two sets of the same thing we are going to sew them together. Sew the 4 inch side to the 4 inch side until your house is complete without a roof.

Step Three: Now take your 2 roof pieces and sew the 2 six inch sides together. You have a roof!!

Your house is complete, now to add embellishments!


Things you will need to complete this step:
Scrap pieces of felt in White, brown, green and any other color you my like.
Elmer’s® Glue-All®

Step One: Cut out 2 small white squares and one larger brown square. These will be your windows and door. You can also cut out some green grass for the sides of your house or any other little embellishments you may want to add to make it your own.

Step Two: Put glue on the back of the windows and put them in place. Do the same for the door and any other embellishments you want to add. Allow to dry completely.

Step Four: Add a few felt flowers to your grassy lawn to make it feel like home.

YOU’RE DONE!!! Great job, now you have a perfect doll house for your little friends.

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