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Gelatin print Valentine’s Day card

Watch the video for this project online at:  https://youtu.be/jyZI7nlYZp4




Host: Jenny Barnett Rohrs

When you see the “helping hand” symbol on a project, it means you may need adult supervision to do the project.


Always cover your work surface with a mat or some type of protective covering like wax paper or plastic.
Always use care when using tools or a heat source. Be careful and safe!

Age Range: 7 to 12

Grade Range: 2 to 6

Skill Level: Moderate

Appropriate for These Special Events:
Valentine’s Day, Every Day and Rainy Days

Supports Subject Area(s) of:
Language Arts – e.g. step by step instructions
Mathematics - measuring
Visual Arts

Time needed for project:
2 hours for gelatin set, 1 hour for project plus paint drying time



Gelatin Print Valentines

Materials needed:

  1. Elmer’s® Disappearing Purple School Glue Stick
  2. Elmer’s® Glitter Glue
  3. Elmer’s® Boardmate® Paper Borders and Stencils
  4. 1 box of unflavored gelatin
  5. warm water, cold water
  6. molding container
  7. baking sheet/flat surface
  8. fork for stirring
  9. plastic knife
  10. brayer
  11. scissors
  12. copy paper
  13. paint
  14. water mister
  15. marking tools like paintbrush, old gift cards, stencils


  1. Place 2/3 cup of cool water in a molding container with a smooth bottom. Sprinkle 4 packs of gelatin on top. Stir quickly. Add 1/3 cup warm water, stirring.  Set aside to set up. (1-2 hours)
  2. Demold gelatin by running bottom under warm water, then running a knife along the outside edge.  Flip upside down onto a baking sheet or cutting board.
  3. Add a nickel-sized amount of paint to the gelatin block. Spread out evenly with a brayer or mini rolling pin. Create texture using the back of a paintbrush. Lay paper on top and rub; lift print; let dry. REPEAT with additional colors of paint and stencils. Let dry. Make 8-10 different patterned/colored papers.
  4. Pick one paper to be the card. Fold in half lengthwise. Using scissors, cut hearts and shapes from patterned papers. Glue onto card using glue stick and glitter glue. Add other decorations as desired.
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