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Sun Calendar
By Dimples Mucharino

Main supplies:

  • Card Stock: 8 ½” x 11 ½” of White, Yellow,
  • Tangerine, Orange
  • Elmer’s® Paintastics® Paint Brush Pen: Black
  • Elmer’s® Painters® Opaque Paint Markers,
  • Fine Tip: Black and red
  • Fiskars® KidZors®

Basic Supplies:

  • 2 Brass Fasteners
  • Elmer’s® Dual Tip No Wrinkle Glue Pen
  • Fiskars® scissors
  • Fisakars® 3/8” Circle Hand Punch
  • Pencil



  1. Transfer and cut out all shapes.
    Trace patterns onto card stock. Cut out all pieces following pattern instructions. Punch hole on medium Yellow circle with 3/8” Hand Punch. Punch one tiny hole in center of each circle using pointy tip of scissors.
  2. Draw details.
    Draw outlines around edge of Orange and Tangerine sun, Yellow circles, edges of eyes, mouth, “GOOD MORNING SUNSHINE” on small Yellow face and one month on each point of Orange sun with Black fine tip marker. Dot freckles and highlight mouth with Red fine tip marker. Attach small Yellow circle on front of small White circle with one Brass fastener. Use fine tip Black marker. Print “Mon.” inside mouth opening. Turn face just enough to hide Mon. so that mouth opening is clear. Print “Tues.” inside mouth opening. Continue same process for Wed. thru Sun. Attach large Yellow and White circles together in same manner. Print 1 thru 31 inside 3/8” opening in same manner as for days of the week.
  3. Complete eyes.
    Use Black Paintastics brush pen to paint a 1” x 1” piece of White card stock Black. Let dry. Punch out two 3/8” circles from Black with Hand Punch. Glue Black circles in place on eyes. Glue eyes in place on face.
  4. Assemble Calendar
    Remove brass fastener from large White and Yellow circles. Open brass fastener on back of face and one at a time add large Yellow circle, large White circles, Tangerine then Orange sun shapes. Turn White circles to set the day and date. Turn Orange circle to set the month.

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