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Star Windsock

Main supplies:

  • Fun Foam – Blue
  • Elmer’s® Squeeze and Brush®
  • Elmer’s® Glue-All®
  • Walnut Hollow® Wood Stars – 1”
  • Pepperell Crafts Plastic Lacing – Neon colors
  • Elmer’s® Painters® Opaque Paint Marker - yellow

Basic Supplies:

  • Fiskars® ¼” hole punch
  • Fiskars® scissors
  • Cardboard
  • Tape
  • Paper towels



  1. Use scissors to cut foam sheet in half widthwise.
  2. Use the hole punch to punch 9 holes about ½” apart down each of the shorter sides. Punch 6 along one long side about ½” from edge, and 2 on the remaining side.
  3. Apply strips of tape, sticky side up to cardboard. Press stars onto tape. This will make painting them easier.
  4. Start the flow of orange Squeeze and Brush on paper towel then tap onto just the top of each star. Paint each star desired colors. Set aside to dry .
  5. To connect the two foam pieces together, cut two 30” pieces of Green plastic lacing. Fold in half. Line the edges of the two pieces overlapping at holes. Insert one end of lacing through both holes and continue lacing up side. Insert other end of lacing from opposite side and continue lacing up same side, filling in areas between holes, refer to photo for placement. Repeat step with other side, creating the windsock. Trim ends to about an inch.
  6. To create fringe for windsock, start by lining up ends of three colors of plastic lacing. Measure off 24” and cut all three. Fold all three pieces in half at center and insert into one of the holes from the front to the inside. Pull out loop then insert ends through loop. Carefully pull ends to tighten knot. Continue with remaining fringe.
  7. Cut four 30” lengths of four different colors of plastic lacing. Thread a single color though each hole then tie a knot with ends.
  8. Apply glue to the back of a star then press in place on windsock where desired. Hold in place with small piece of tape if needed till dry. Continue with remaining stars.
  9. Remove tape. Prime yellow paint marker following label instructions then add swirls and dots from each star.

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