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Bracelets and Friendship Pins
By Tracia and Sydney Williams
1005-5 A&B


Braided Bracelet:

Main supplies:

  • Bead Party™ braiding cords
  • Bead Party™ Bling Bling bead mix
  • Bead Party™ – round wooden beads
  • Braiding cord closure, cord closure, or loop and knot

Basic Supplies:

  • Safety pin or tape
  • Scissors
  • Glue or clear fingernail polish

Bracelet Instructions:

1. Measure and cut cords needed for desired braiding.
2. Tape or pin cords to surface.
3. Braid cords and add beads.
4. Add closure of your choice.

Friendship Pins:

Main supplies:

  • Jewelry Fundamentals- beading wire
  • Jewelry Fundamentals- glass E-beads
  • Jewelry Fundamentals- safety pin
  • Bead Party™- alpha beads

Basic Supplies:

  • Scissors

Pin Instructions:

1. Cut a piece of wire
2. Wrap wire around safety pin to secure
3. String a few beads on wire and wrap wire a couple of times to secure. Repeat
4. Cut another piece of wire and add alpha beads in the same way as beads.
To end wrap tuck wire into a bead a couple of times.

Bead Party by Sulyn Industries:


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