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Painting Basics - Painting on Fabric
By Prudy Vannier

Painting on fabric is fun and rewarding. Don’t limit yourself to t-shirts. Anything is possible.
  1. Prep: Wash to remove sizing and iron if the fabric will be used and require cleaning. This isn’t needed on items such as luggage or soft sculpture.
  2. The item needs to be taped on a hard surface. T-shirt boards are available or still cardboard works well.
  3. Transfer the pattern by tracing it on paper.
  4. Use a soft chalk pencil or graphite pencil to go over the lines on the back side of the pattern. Place the pattern right side up on the surface and go over the lines with a stylus.
  5. Use a stiff brush to lightly grind the basecoat paint onto the patterned surface. Add other colors the same way, blending as you go. Use a liner brush for detail.
  6. Allow to dry and cure for 48 hours before washing.

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