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Wood Basics
By Walnut Hollow

Wood surfaces are created from Basswood, Pine, and Baltic Birch.


  • Smooth, even wood grain
  • No resin or pitch
  • Light in color
  • Best for woodburning
  • Best for woodcarving

Wood products available: Plates, trays, boxes, plaques, carving blocks, Basswood Country Rounds®, Basswood Country Planks, decorative hooks, framed boards, and more.


  • Beautiful grained wood
  • Easy to woodburn
  • Easy to woodcarve
  • Most common wood for crafting

Wood products available: Clock surfaces, wood shapes, plaques, frames, shelves, storage trays, whittler's kits, corbels, signboards, home décor accents, stools, memory frames, decorative hooks, wall cubes, quilt display shelves, mirrors, display ledges, and more.

Baltic Birch

  • High-quality hardwood
  • Easy to woodburn
  • Easy to use for painting, staining, and other crafting techniques

Wood products available: Laser-cut letters and numbers, recessed plaques, value plaques, home décor accents, crosses, stools, display boxes, memory clipboards, and more.

Walnut Hollow’s Environmental Commitment:
In 2006, the Company received the John Brogan Award, the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources highest form of environmental recognition. John E. Brogan, former member and chair of the Natural Resources Board, initiated the award in 1982.

  • The Ladd Family (owners and founders of Walnut Hollow®) has planted more than 300,000 trees and shrubs on personal property in the surrounding area.
  • Whenever possible, raw material is harvested from plantation and managed woodlands for the manufacture of our home décor items and wood surfaces.
  • Our manufacturing process is state-of-the-art lean manufacturing which allows for a minimum of waste and an increase in operating efficiencies. Wood waste and sawdust are recycled to produce steam to heat the kilns and manufacturing building that dries and processes the “green” pine and basswood lumber. The premium wood waste is separated and sold as livestock bedding. No wood waste ends up in landfills.
  • Walnut Hollow® has a unique sawdust recovering system whereby sawdust and chips from the manufacturing process are vacuumed at each work station to a central silo storage system. As a result, the manufacturing operation is not detrimental to the health of our employees or the environment.
  • Shipping cartons are made from 50% recycled fiber and all packing material is biodegradable (cornstarch peanuts).


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