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Makin’s® Clay Basics
By Gail Ritchey

Main supplies:

  • Makin’s Clay
    White clay
    Red clay
    Yellow clay
    Brown clay
  • Roller
  • Green plastic tools
  • Mixing Ruler
  • Texture sheets – Set B
  • Push molds - Fruits
  • Cutters – Alphabets
  • Cutters – Star
  • Cutters – Flower
  • Makin’s Professional™ Ultimate Clay Machine™
  • Makin’s Professional™ Ultimate Clay Extruder™

Basic Supplies:

  • Table surface
  • Paint brushes
  • Cup with water
  • Cutting mat
  • Paint
  • Spray bottle
  • Plastic Bags
  • Plastic Wrap
  • Paper Towels


  1. Makin’s Clay® is an air dry polymer clay. Always work on a cutting mat to help protect surfaces.
  2. To open a package, remove the outside plastic packaging. Using scissors, cut off the amount of clay desired.
  3. Since Makin’s Clay® in an air dry polymer clay, keep it covered with plastic wrap or a damp paper towel when you are not working with the clay.
  4. Keep Makin’s Clay® in a zip lock plastic bag.
  5. Mist Makin’s Clay® with water if it starts to dry before you are done working with it.
  6. Makin’s Clay® can be molded for beads, snakes etc.
  7. You can flatten Makin’s Clay® by rolling the clay with the plastic roller. To get a thinner sheet, pick the sheet up then place back on a cutting mat and rolling again.
  8. You can also roll a sheet of clay using the Makin’s Professional™ Ultimate Clay Machine™.
  9. Makin’s Clay can be cut with cutters
  10. You can mix colors of Makin’s Clay® together to create custom colors. Use the Makin’s® Clay Mixing Ruler™ for new colors.
  11. You can mix acrylic paints into Makin’s Clay for custom colors.
  12. Makin’s® can also be put into Push Molds. Powder the mold, press the clay into the mold, then remove. You may need to allow the clay to dry slightly before removing.
  13. You can smooth Makin’s Clay® with water.
  14. Water with adhere pieces of Makin’s Clay® together or you can use white craft glue.
  15. You can paint Makin’s Clay® before or after it is dry.
  16. Allow Makin’s Clay to dry 24 hours.
  17. Makin’s Clay can cover metal, paper mache, glass and wood.

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