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Makin’s® Clay Basics
By Gail Ritchey

Main supplies:

  • Makin’s Clay®
    Blue clay
    Pink clay
    Green clay
    Brown clay
  • Roller
  • 3 piece tool set
  • Texture sheets
  • Push molds
  • Cutters – mini geo
  • Makin’s Professional™ Ultimate Clay Machine™
  • Makin’s Professional™ Ultimate Clay Extruder™

Basic Supplies:

  • Mint tins
  • Table surface
  • Paint brushes
  • Cup with water
  • Cutting mat
  • Perfect Pearls powders
  • Spray bottle
  • Plastic Bags
  • Plastic Wrap
  • Paper Towels



Note: See basic information on working with Makin’s Clay®.

  1. Remove mints from tin and place in a plastic bag.
  2. Open package of blue clay by cutting open the outside package leaving the inside plastic on the clay. Cut off desired amount through the inside plastic with scissors. Remove plastic off clay.
  3. Place the clay on a cutting mat then roll clay with green roller. Lift up and continue rolling until the clay is approximately 1/16” thick.
  4. Optional: Roll clay with Makin’s Professional™ Ultimate Clay Machine™ to the #5 setting.
  5. Put blue clay on the tin bottom, gently shaping the clay to the mint tin.
  6. Using the chisel tool, start trimming the excess clay along the top of the tin. Remove excess clay. Press the clay firmly to the tin where the tin bottom meets the top using the chisel tool.
  7. Texture the clay on the bottom and side using the Makin’s Clay texture sheet. Allow the clay on the tin to dry slightly.
  8. Cover the top of the mint tin following the above instructions.
  9. Cutting off about one inch, open green clay.
  10. Put the green clay in the extruder using the #2 disc.
  11. Extrude approximately 3 inches of clay for the stem by turning the handle on the extruder.
  12. Brush the tin with water where the stem will be. Place the stem centered on tin. If necessary, the stem can be glued with a white craft glue.
  13. Remove the excess clay from the extruder. Powder the leaf mold the push the green clay into the mold. Push off excess clay with your finger or the chisel tool. Remove the leaf from the push mold. If the leaf is difficult to remove, allow the clay to dry in the mold for several minutes.
  14. Repeat the above for a second leaf.
  15. Put leaves on tin using water or glue.
  16. Remove approximately one inch of neon pink clay following above instructions. Roll the pink clay to approximately 1/16” thickness.
  17. Place the clay on the cutting mat, then cover with a piece of plastic wrap. Cut 5 petals.
  18. Place the petals on the tin following the photo for reference.
  19. Use a tiny amount of yellow clay to form the center of the flower.
  20. Accent the flower with powder if desired.

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