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By Prudy Vannier

There are so many kinds of adhesives, all developed for specific jobs.

Glue sticks are perfect for adhering paper to paper as in scrap booking projects. They come in cream or gel, the gel being perhaps a little easier to roll on. They dry clear and are easy to clean up.

For little embellishments such as beads or rhinestones added to scrapbook pages, a variety of adhesives would work. Each has a little different applicator for specific projects, and each is good for adhering porous surfaces such as paper fabric or sometimes wood.

When using wood glue, items need to be anchored. The best way is with clamps. Place cardboard pads under each clamp so that the wood doesn’t get damaged, then screw tight. If you don’t have clamps, a heavy weight such as a book can work on a flat surface. Sometimes, rubber bands can work, too.


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