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Fun with Color Pillow Cases
Designed by Prudy Vannier
Copyright 2007


Always cover your work surface with a mat or some type of protective covering like wax paper or plastic.

Pillow cases are terrific for holding personal items for people in shelters, hospitals, or other temporary quarters. Paint them with bright colors and personalize them as a special treat for children.

Everything has a color scheme. How does one know which colors go best together? Use a color wheel to determine this. Put your favorite color into the “key color” window and then follow the lines to see which colors best complement that one.

Main supplies:

  • Fabric paint in a variety of colors
  • Cardboard or tongue depressors
  • Pillow cases, washed and ironed

Basic Supplies:

  • Cardboard covered with wax paper, to fit into the pillow case
  • Painter tape



  1. Place the wax paper covered cardboard into the pillow case. Tape the pillow case tightly around it.
  2. Tape to make a rectangle in the center.
  3. Choose a color scheme. If the colors you choose are bright, you can embellish and write a name around the outside. If they are pastel, you can embellish and write on top of the design. A pastel color is made by adding white to any color.
  4. Place drops and puddles of paint on the tape above the shape. Do any pattern you like.
  5. Use the cardboard squeegee or tongue depressor to drag the paint across the shape. Be careful to keep the area outside of the tape clean. If you run out of paint before the whole surface is covered, turn the cardboard around and repeat from the bottom up.
  6. Allow to dry and then carefully peel away the tape.
  7. Use a permanent marker or black “writing” paint to embellish with dots and personalize.

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