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Pattern Postcards
Designed by Prudy Vannier
Copyright 2007


Always cover your work surface with a mat or some type of protective covering like wax paper or plastic.

Create a post card to say hello to hospital patients, the elderly, or servicemen in a foreign country.

Patterns are repetition of something to create a design.

Materials: paper maché postcards available at your local craft store, or make your own with sturdy card board following post office criteria.



Pretty Plaid
Paint: pink, yellow green, light blue, orchid, white
Brushes: #10 flat, #6 flat, liner

  1. Use the biggest brush to basecoat the postcard.
  2. Repeat stripes vertically and horizontally. The width of the brush will dictate the width of the stripes. Repeat the stripes to create the plaid pattern.
  3. Start with the wide brush and paint 3 stripes vertically and horizontally.
  4. Add the other stripes, one color at a time, carefully placing them so that they are repeated consistently.

Busy Bumble Bees
Paint: bright yellow, black white, light blue
Brushes: #8 filbert, liner
Other Supplies: permanent black fine point pen

  1. Basecoat the postcard with light blue.
  2. Use the filbert to paint each bee body with 2 strokes (front and back) with bright yellow. Notice the filbert hairs are cut to a curve on the end. The creates the curved end of the bee body.
  3. Use the liner (or a black marker) to paint the black stripes on each bee.
  4. The wings are single strokes with the filbert. Load the brush, press down and lift to make a wide stroke with a tail.
  5. Draw the antennae and the bee trials with the pen.

Posey PostCard

Paint: bright pink, yellow, orange, yellow green
Brushes: large flat for basecoating, scruffy brush or texture brush, #8 flat
Other Supplies: Something to make a 1” circle shape (template or small lid to trace around)

  1. Basecoat the postcard with bright pink.
  2. Use a lid to trace circles about 1” in diameter evenly spaced on the postcard.
  3. Use the scruffy brush or a texture brush to pounce yellow into the circle shapes.
  4. partially load the yellow brush with a little orange to pat into the bottom of each circle.
  5. Use the tip of the brush handle to do dot petals in white. These are called dip-dots. Dip the handle into white, then apply to make the petal. Repeat for each petal.
  6. Use the #8 flat to paint leaf shapes between the flowers with yellow green.

Sponsored by Society of Decorative Painters www.decorativepainters.org


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