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Main supplies:

  • Two 1 yard long pieces of Pepperell® Rexlace® Plastic Lacing in desired colors
  • Pony beads in desired colors
  • One key ring
  • One decorative key hook
  • EZ Gimper Tool

Basic Supplies:

  • Scissors
  • Ruler


Starting Tips:

  • Always measure the correct amount of Lacing needed for your projects.
  • Find the center by folding your lacing in half and lining up your ends.
  • Do not pull your stitches too tight but tight enough to hold together.
  • Be consistent in tightening stitches.
  • If you have to stop use a paper clip to hold your ends together – no unraveling.


  1. Cut 2 pieces of plastic lacing each piece 1 yard long. Use two desired colors.
  2. Using the EZ Gimper Tool, begin the Square Stitch following the diagrams. Do as many stitches needed until the stitching is 3” long.
  3. Keep the last stitch loose.
  4. Finish by inserting one end up through the center at a time as shown. This is done by picking up any one strand and taking it around the strand to its left, then up through the middle of the last stitch.
  5. Continue with the remaining three strands. Slowly pull on these strands to close the gap. Add beads if desired. Trim ends.
  6. Add key ring and decorative key hook to beginning stitch.

Note: To do Square or box Stitch start lacing counterclockwise, then clockwise, then counterclockwise…follow this pattern over and over.
To do Round Stitch go in the same direction always. Go counterclockwise only and your laces will spiral or go around.

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