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Pencil Toppers 
Designed by Heather Lancaster


Always cover your work surface with a mat or some type of protective covering like wax paper or plastic.

Main supplies:

  • Prang® DAS® Air Hardening ModelingClay 
  • Prang® Brush Pens
  • Prang® Metallic Watercolors

Basic Supplies:

  • Pencils
  • Water
  • Toothpick
  • Dowel rod to roll clay



1. Mold a small ball of clay to for the shape of the caricatures head and insert a pencil into the center of the ball, molding and extending the clay 1" - 1.5" down onto the pencil. This extension will create the figures neck and will help to secure it to the pencil. 

2. Use a small amount of clay to form a nose and attach it in place on the head of the figure. Use a small touch of water if needed to create a better attachment. A toothpick makes a great tool to blend each piece of clay into the other. 

3. Roll out small amounts of clay so that they are approximately 1/16" thick and use the toothpick to cut eyes, lips and ears (if desired) for your figure. Attach them in the same way as you did the nose. Try layering several pieces to make your eyes to give the face lots of dimension.  

4. Roll 'spaghetti' sized ropes and attach several strands to create hair or roll a flat piece of clay and place on the figure for hair. Use scissors to give a haircut and trim bangs if necessary!

5. Allow your figure to dry overnight or until hard and dry to the touch then use watercolors and markers to add great detail to your figure!

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