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Spider Web with Spider Frame

Designed by Kristin Ball

This project features notes or instructions in Adobe Reader format. If you
do not have Adobe Reader, download it for free here.

Main supplies:

  • Elmer’s® 3D™ Washable Paint Pens – Glitter Colors
  • Frame – 8” x 10”
  • Cardstock paper – light blue, lime green, bright green
  • Freezer paper

Basic Supplies:

  • Elmer’s® Clear School Glue
  • Elmer’s® Glue Stick
  • Scissors
  • Pencil
  • Tape
  • Cardboard

Web Pattern (PDF)
Grass (PDF)


  1. Tape web and spider patterns to cardboard.
  2. Cover cardboard with freezer paper, shiny side up, and tape edges to back.  The pattern will show though paper.
  3. Start flow of Glitter 3D paints on paper towel using an even pressure on the bottle for a smooth line.  Follow lines of pattern with different colors of paint referring to photo for placement and color.  Let dry – depending on humidity this may take overnight.
  4. Carefully peel pieces from freezer paper – this will be easy when fully dry.
  5. Trace grass patterns onto papers following pattern for number and color.
  6. Carefully remove glass from frame.  Place glass on paper and trace around then cut out.  Position grasses along long edge of blue paper then use glue stick to attach.
  7. Reassemble frame layering glass and paper in frame being aware where frame hanger is on back. 
  8. Position web on top of glass. Lift up a section of web and carefully squeeze a thin line of gel glue along back of web lines then press back in place.  Lift up another section of web and repeat step. 
  9. Position spider where desired and glue in place.


Sponsored by Elmer’s® Products, Inc.


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