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Spider Sketch

Designed by Sandy Laipply

This project features notes or instructions in Adobe Reader format. If you
do not have Adobe Reader, download it for free here.

Main supplies:

  • Staedtler® Mars® Lumograph® Softlead Pencils
  • Drawing Paper
  • Staedtler® Drawing Companion Set – includes kneaded eraser, paper stump and             Sandpaper pad and erasing shield
  • Tissue
  • 5” x 7” Black Frame

Basic Supplies:

  • Tracing paper
  • Pattern  Make a tracing of the spider pattern.  Transfer it to your drawing paper

Spider Sketch (PDF)


  1. Use the 2B pencil to draw basic shapes
  2. Refine shapes with the same pencil.  Use the 4B pencil to darken the lines. Soften the eraser by pulling, folding and kneading it.  Erase any stray lines
  3. Use the 3B pencil to shade in the legs, body and head.  Soften with the paper stump.
  4. Add lines along the top side of each leg and the middle of the spider’s body with the 5B pencil. Add dots on the body with the 6B pencil, as well as the lines to separate the leg joints and to separate the legs from the body. Darken the head. Add tiny lines for hair on legs with the HB pencil.
  5. Place the erasing shield over each leg and erase a small highlight by pressing down hard with the kneaded eraser and pulling up. Use the long, skinny opening.
  6. Repeat if necessary. Place the shield over the body and erase the highlight where the 2 body sections meet. Use the small circle to erase the eyes. Erase any stray marks and place your drawing in the frame.


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