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1312-1 Egypt

Designed by Melony Bradley

A pyramid is a building where the outer surfaces are triangular and converge at a point. The Egyptian pyramids are huge structures built of brick or stone, some of which are among the world's largest constructions. The Great Pyramid of Giza is the largest in Egypt. It was one of the Seven Wonders of the World, and the only one of the seven to survive into modern times.

When you see the “helping hand” symbol on a project, it means you may need adult supervision to do the project. Always cover your work surface with a mat or some type of protective covering like wax paper or plastic. Always use care when using tools or a heat source. Be careful and safe!

Always cover your work surface with a mat or some type of protective covering like wax paper or plastic.

Age Range: 7 to 12

Grade Range: 1 to 6

Skill Level: Moderate

Appropriate for These Special Events:
Every Day and Rainy Days

Supports Subject Area(s) of:
Social Studies
Language Arts – e.g. step by step instructions
Visual Arts

Time Needed for Project:
2 hours plus drying time

Main supplies:

  • FloraCraft® STYROFOAM™ Brand Foam Project Brick Kit
  • ACTIVA® Scenic Sand™- Orange
  • Elmer’s® Craft Bond™ Tacky Glue
  • Elmer’s® School Glue
  • Elmer's® Foam board- 8 x 8” square
  • Light brown acrylic paint
  • Five 1 ½ oval shapes
  • ¼ x 5” wood dowel
  • Elmers® Painters® Opaque Paint Markers- Green, Brown

Basic Supplies:

  • Foam brush and disposable cup or bowl
  • Craft knife if needed to cut foam board. Can also be done with scissors.
  • Scissors
  • Water



  1. Dilute school glue with water in a 2:1 ratio. Use mixture to coat 50 pieces of the brick kit with orange sand. Let dry.
  2. Paint foam board square with light brown paint. Let dry.
  3. To begin to build pyramid, use tacky glue to glue bricks around edges of square (approx ¼ from edges) in an alternating pattern.
  4. Glue two rows in center of square with plain colored bricks.
  5. Glue another stack of bricks in center of bottom bricks (like stacking boxes).  Continue steps 3-4 until you reach the top of the pyramid.
  6. Use paint markers to color wood pieces. Use green on palms and brown on dowels. Place glue on back of palms and glue to dowel. Attach to outside of pyramid by sticking end into project brick on bottom right. Remove end, coat with glue and replace.


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Sponsored by Elmer’s® Products, Inc.

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