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Visit a wonderful country where nature and the outdoors play an important part of many of their crafts. We also feature the tribal heritage of Canada.

208-1 Beat a Leaf Journal: Bet you can't guess what this craft is all about. We're actually using the pigment in plants to create unique prints.

208-2 Walking Stick: Carry your painted walking stick as you climb the majestic mountains and outdoors of Canada. We actually start with a real stick or a wooden dowel.

208-3 Nature Stamp: Create your own stamps from blocks of foam and your own designs. We'll start you out with the Canadian Maple leaf and a few other ideas to capture the outdoor spirit of Canada.

208-4 Friendship Story Hide: Canada is rich with the tradition of tribal heritage. Create these miniature friendship hides with authentic, chalked designs, to share with a kindred spirit.

208-5 Totem Pole: Commonly carved with wood, your totem pole simulates wood from foam and is built from animal designs. They could be woodland creatures or maybe even models of your favorite pets!

208-6 Hands On Project: The Adopt a Native Elder program and crafts for children on Native American reservations is today's project.


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