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By Mary Ayres


Main supplies:

  • Pacon® Rainbow® bags
  • Pacon® Rainbow® construction paper - red, pink, white, black, yellow, orange
  • Pacon® Peacock™ construction paper – any 2 bright colors of your choice
  • Pacon® feathers
  • Fiskars® KidZors™ paper edgers – 2 different style

    Basics supplies:

  • Fine tip black marker
  • Glue
  • Scissors


1. Using scissors and pattern, cut top and bottom of beak from yellow or orange paper. Cut tongue from red paper, cut two 1” circles from white paper for eyes. Cut two circles from black paper for eye pupils. Cut one heart from pink paper.
2. Using paper edgers, cut two 1-1/2” circles from a bright color for circles around eyes. Cut
two 2” circles from a different bright color for cheeks.
3. Using a black marker, draw nostrils on top of beak and outline beak pieces and eye whites.
4. The bottom of the bag is the bird’s head. Glue bottom of beak to bag under head. Glue tongue to bottom of beak. Glue cheek circles to sides of head. Glue top of beak to head, placed above lower beak. Glue eyes in place, as shown.
5. Glue a feather to back of head. Let dry.


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