Hands On Crafts for Kids
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By Barb Zimmerman


Main supplies:

  • 14”x18” Canvas board
  • Pacon® KolorFast™ tissue paper – assorted bright colors
  • 6”x12” Cork board
  • Jean pocket
  • Beacon™ Liquid Laminate

    Optional supplies:
  • Flower buttons
  • Plastic craft lacing or wire for hanger
  • Small pad of paper
  • Basics supplies:

  • Large flat paintbrush
  • Glue
  • Clear plastic page protector
  • Scissors
  • Pencil


1. Using patterns and scissors or die cut machine and flower die, cut large and small flowers from bright colored tissue paper.
2. Working in small sections, apply a coat of liquid laminate (or a mixture of glue and water) to canvas board. Apply tissue flowers, overlapping them in a random fashion. Apply another coat of liquid laminate over the flowers. Continue applying flowers until entire board is covered. Let dry.
3. Glue 6”x12” cork board centered along left side of board.
4. Glue jean pocket along lower right side of board. And a 3-1/2”x5” section of clear plastic page protector above pocket.
5. Using your computer print a room sign (“Becky’s Message Board”) and insert into page protector.


Embellish edges of jean pocket with flower buttons or patches. Attach a hanger to the back using craft lace or wire


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