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By Tammie Wilson
For Delta Technical Coatings, Inc.


Main supplies:

  • Delta Paint Jewels™ - Crystal Orange, Berry Quartz, Turquoise
  • Delta Paint Jewels Liquid Lead™ - White
  • Forster® Woodsies™ Tags – assorted shapes
  • Leather lacing – black
  • Pacon® pony beads – assorted colors

    Basics supplies:

  • Paint brush – 1” round
  • Scissors

Note: for best results, please take a moment to review the instructions on the product packaging before beginning your project.

1. Lay the desired wood tags out on your work surface. Using the Liquid Lead embellish each tag with x’s, o’s, lines, and squiggles. (Note: roll the bottle of Liquid Lead on the tabletop to insure it is well mixed. Remove the lid and snip the tip of the bottle off, only about a ¼” down so you can squeeze out a thin line.) Let dry thoroughly.
2. Using the round paint brush apply 2 coats of the desired Paint Jewel color to the edges of the wood tag. (Note: prepare the Paint Jewels bottles in the same manner as described in Step 1.)
3. Gently squeeze out paint directly from the bottle, placing it as desired or using the photo as a guide. The paint will flow up to the edge of the tags and self-level. Use the brush to coax the paint into tight spots. Let dry thoroughly.
4. Turn tags over and apply a solid coat of the desired Paint Jewel colors. Let dry thoroughly.
5. Cut a piece of leather lacing to the appropriate length for your wrist plus an additional 3” to allow for knotting ends together. String the tags and pony beads as desired. Tie the ends off with a square knot.


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