Hands On Crafts for Kids
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By Andrea Rothenberg


Main supplies:

  • Pacon® Foam sheets – 2 colors of your choice and white
  • Plastic lacing
  • Fiskars® Pinking Paper Edgers and 1/8” hole punch
  • 2” square of clear plastic (cut from a page protector)
  • 2” square of paper to write name on

    Basics supplies:

  • Beacon™ Craft Foam Glue™
  • Tracing paper
  • Pencil
  • Scissors


1.Trace the patterns provided onto tracing paper and cut them out to make patterns to use for making your shoe. Trace and cut the upper and shoe base from colored foam. Cut out the circle from the upper shoe section. Cut the sole and rubber tip from white foam. Cut a thin strip of the remaining color of foam using the pinking edgers.
2. Glue the plastic piece over the hole on the back of the upper shoe piece. Cut off any excess plastic that hangs over the edges of the foam. Lightly draw the circle on the small paper. Write your name inside the circle. Glue the circle with your name facing out behind the plastic. Cut off extra paper.
3. Glue the upper shoe onto the shoe base matching the top and back edges. 4. Glue the foam sole along the bottom and the foam tip to the front as pictured. Glue the thin strip over the seam between the sole and upper shoe.
5. Punch 5 holes along the edge of the upper shoe (through both pieces of foam). Lace the plastic lace through the holes and tie to your sports bag. If desired, you can add stitching lines with a ballpoint pen along the edges of the shoe shapes.


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