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By Barb Zimmerman


Main supplies:

  • Forster® Woodsies™ tags – assorted shapes and sizes
  • Delta Ceramcoat® Acrylic paint – yellow, orange, green, white
  • 24 gauge wire – black
  • 7 Large jewelry pins
  • 12” dowel – ¼” diameter

    Optional supplies:
  • Pacon® Pony beads – assorted colors
    Pacon® Stringing rings – assorted colors

  • Basics supplies:

  • Fiskars® Craft hand drill
  • Fiskars® Softouch® craft snips
  • Paint brushes
  • Black marker
  • Ruler
  • Pencil

When you see the “helping hand” symbol on a project, it means you may need adult supervision to do the project. Always use care when using tools or a heat source. Be careful and safe!


Note: Lay out your design of wood shapes. Stagger the length of each strand of shapes. Using a pencil, lightly mark the color you decide to paint each shape.


1. Drill a hole centered along the bottom edge of each wood tag.
2. Paint tags according to colors you’ve marked on each wood tag. Let dry. Paint designs on tags and decorate with black marker. Refer to photo.
3. Lay out each wood strand for placement of painted shapes. Cut a length of wire approximately twice as long as the strand of wood shapes.
4. Starting with the bottom shape and leaving at least a 3” tail of wire, weave the wire through the bottom and top holes of each shape until you have connected all the shapes in a strand. At the top of the last shape bend the wire in a loop, twisting the end to secure. String pony beads on the end of the wire. Bend or coil end of wire to secure beads.
5. Hook the loop of each strand through a jewelry pin and slide on dowel. Attach a length of wire at either end of the dowel to form a hanger.

Add additional strands of pony beads and rings to your room divider.


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