Hands On Crafts for Kids
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By Patty Cox


Main supplies:

  • Pacon® Rainbow® construction paper – pink
  • Pacon® SunWorks™ construction paper - white
  • 7 Muffin papers – pink
  • Beacon™ Zip Dry™ paper glue
  • Photos

    Optional supplies:
  • Fiskars® hand punches – butterfly, heart
  • Fiskars® paper edgers
  • Basics supplies:

  • Black marker
  • Ruler
  • Pencil
  • Scissors

1. Fold two muffin papers in half. Glue to each top corner of pink construction paper.
2. Fold one muffin paper, offsetting center by ½”. Glue on top center of page.
3. Fold a muffin paper in half, then half again. Fold one side under, leaving a 1-3/4” wide curtain side. Make two curtain sides for each side of pink paper. Glue these side curtains under the top corner curtains.
4. Mount photos on white paper. Trimming edges of white paper with paper edgers if desired. Using paper glue and referring to photo for placement adhere to pink construction paper.
5. Using a black marker, write information about the stage production or young actor.

1. Using assorted punches add embellishments as desired.


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