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By Mary Ayres

Main supplies:

  • Forster® Wood craft sticks (2), jumbo craft sticks (2)
  • Forster® Woodsies™ - teardrops (3)
  • 2-1/2” Split wood egg
  • Pacon® Wiggle eyes (2-10mm), 1 silver chenille stem, and 1 red pom-pom
  • Delta Ceramcoat® acrylic paint – medium brown, white, red, black

    Basics supplies:

  • Beacon™ Kid’s Choice Glue™
  • Black marker
  • Paint brushes

1. Paint all wood pieces medium brown. Let dry. Paint a black hoof on one end of each of the jumbo craft sticks. Let dry. Dip a dry bristle brush in red paint (wipe off excess paint until almost dry) and wipe brush on both sides of split egg for rosy cheeks. Paint a dot in the center of each cheek with white, using the end of a paint brush handle or toothpick.
2. Using a black marker, draw a line around each of the wood shapes, close to the edges.
3. Using photo of project as a guide, glue craft sticks horizontally to back of vertical jumbo craft sticks for body. Glue one teardrop to top left side of body for tail.
4. Glue two remaining teardrops to back sides of split egg for ears. (The flat end of the split egg is the top of the head.) Glue the pom pom to egg for nose.
5. Bend chenille stem in half and then bend each half into three loops for antlers. Glue antlers, centered to the top, back of head. Glue assembled head to top right side of frame. Let dry. Tape or glue a photo to back of the frame.


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