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By Prudy Vannier

Painting lesson: Using a filbert and angular brush, mixing color

Main supplies:

  • Metal cowbell
  • DecoArt® No Prep Metal Paint: Ivory DMP02, Bright Yellow DMP10, Real Red DMP11, Fresh Lavender DMP14, Deep Purple DMP15, Bright Lime Green DMP26, Coal Black DMP32
  • Royal® Brushes: ½” flat, ¼” angular, liner brush, #6 filbert

  • Painting supplies:
  • water basin
  • paper towel
  • Royal® palette paper
  • tracing paper
  • Royal® graphite
  • pencil
  • Royal® palette knife for mixing
  • stylus

1. Wash the cowbell to remove any dirt, grease or fingerprints. Use the ½” flat to basecoat Deep Purple. Dry.
2. Trace the pattern onto tracing paper. Position the cow face on the front of the bell, and then slide graphite paper under. Holding in place, go over the lines with a stylus to transfer the pattern onto the surface. Do the same for the flowers on the sides and back.
3. Use the filbert brush to paint the flower petals with Bright Yellow. Notice how the end of the brush is round – perfect for making rounded ends of petals. Turn the brush sideways at the end of the petal to make it pointed.
4. Use the liner brush to outline the petals with Bright Lime Green.
5. Mix a little puddle Ivory with a little Real Red to make hot pink. We’ll use this throughout our design. First, using a brush handle, dip into the pink and make dots in the centers of the flowers.
6. Using the angular, paint the cow face with the pink mix. I like the angular because you can easily get into tight, pointed places like the cows ears and horns. Also use it to paint the Fresh Lavender shadow next to the cow. Dry.
7. Use the liner brush to paint black eyes and nostrils. Rinse it, and then paint the Bright Yellow ring in the nose.
8. All of the confetti (dots, squiggles and swirls) are painted with the pink mix, Bright Yellow, and Bright Lime Green using the liner brush.



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