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By Patty Cox




Main supplies:

  • Pacon® Lick N’ Stick art tape, yellow, grape, emerald
  • Pacon® 81/2” x 11” Super Bright tagboard, bright orange
  • Fiskars® edger scissors - assorted
  • Pacon® nylon filament, 4” length and 18” length


  • Black Marker
  • Fiskars® Scissors
  • Royal® Graphite paper
  • Royal® stylus


1. Copy pattern on tagboard. Using graphite paper, trace pattern markings on to tagboard. Cut out bird and small fish. Cut out feather shapes using a different decorative edge scissor for each color. The feather shape is cut the width of the Lick N Stick tape. You’ll need about 40 per color. Using an old pen or a scoring tool, go over the dotted lines and crease lightly.
2. Apply the feathers by wetting one end and sticking to the bird shape. Since the feathers overlap; on the crest start toward the beak; on the body start from the back and work to the front; on the back feathers start at the bottom and work up, and on the tail, start from the bottom, one color at a time. Cover the back of the bird with feathers too.
3. Fold center belly up, inside bird. Fold wings outward. Draw eye on each side of Sarimanok face. Cut a 2” piece of yellow Lick N Stick, round short edges. Wet and apply to beak area. trim to fit. Add a piece of yellow Lick N Stick to fish.
4. Cut a 4” length nylon filament. Slide in beak. Slide other side in fish and secure with Lick N stick. Slip the longer nylon filament into the center top of the body and secure with Lick N Stick. Moisten the dry end of some of the feathers on the crest and wings of the bird so that the front will stick to the back.


cut 1 tagboard
dashed lines are fold lines

Pacon® Lick N’ Stick art tape, Super Bright tagboard, nylon filament, Fiskars® edger scissors, Royal® Graphite paper


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