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By Prudy Vannier


The tote is painted with red and blue, Philippine flag colors. The stamp decoration on these colors represents palm fronds, so important to the Filippino culture.

Painting Lesson: Taping off for perfect lines, stamping, creating a random pattern.

Main supplies:

  • White or natural color tote
  • Fern or palm frond stamp
  • DecoArt® SoSoft® Fabric Paint: Primary Red DSS25, Hauser Light Green DSS47, True Blue DSS13
  • Royal® 1” flat brush
  • Wax paper
  • Cardboard to fit inside tote
  • Masking tape

    Painting supplies:
  • Royal® water basin and palette paper, paper towel

1. Cover the cardboard with wax paper and tape into place. Insert this into the tote to keep paint from flowing through to mark the other side of the tote.
2. Tape off 2 rectangular shapes. Using the 1” brush, paint one Primary Red and the other with True Blue. Dry.
3. Use the brush to carefully paint over the stamp with Hauser Light Green. Press this down onto the dried background. Repeat to create a random pattern.


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