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By Patty Cox



Main supplies:

  • 9” straw doll hat
  • Pacon® yarn: red, blue, yellow, bright green
  • Pacon® pony beads
  • 1” x 2” wood or cardboard rectangle
  • 12” circle Pacon® yellow burlap


  • glue
  • clothespins
  • sharp large eye needle
  • Fiskars® Scissors

1. Dampen hat with warm water. Bring two brim sides together and secure with clothespin for 20 minutes. Remove clothespin. Allow to finish drying while making tassels.
2. Tassels: Cut a 9” length yarn. Center and place along one short end of wooden rectangle. Wrap ball of yarn around rectangle and the piece of yarn 10 times. Tie the 9” length of yarn tightly over wraps as shown. Cut bottom loops open. Cut a 6” piece of yarn. Tie around tassel tails, about 1/4” from top. Trim tassel 1” long. Make 8 tassels in each yarn color.
3. Cut a piece of yarn approx 3 ft. long. Thread needle and tie a knot on one strand. Come up thru a point on the brim of the basket about 1”from top. Stitch thru one tassel and go back into the brim. Come up on the brim about 1 inch away and go thru another different colored tassel.. Continue around the hat until all tassels are added. Hint: layout tassels before stitching.
4. Cut two 18” lengths yarn for handles. Thread one end of the 18” strand on needle. Thread one end of yarn into basket top (see photo for placement). Knot one end of yarn securely on inside of basket. Add 33 red pony beads on yarn. Thread yarn into basket top, about 4” from handle beginning point. Knot yarn securely on inside of basket. Dot knots with glue. Repeat for handle on other side.
5. Basket Lining: Round the corners of 12” square yellow burlap with scissors. Center burlap lining in basket. Turn burlap edges under 1/2” all around. Glue burlap along inside edge of basket covering yarn knots. Finger-pleat turned burlap edges to ease in fullness. Secure burlap with spring clothespins or paper clips until dry.


Pacon® yarn, pony beads, burlap


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