Hands On Crafts for Kids
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By Mary Ayres

New Zealand


Main supplies:

  • Sand – different colors
  • Pacon® card stock – terra cotta and natural
  • Pacon® tag board – any color
  • Fiskars® scissors
  • Royal® graphite paper
  • Pencil
  • Paper plate
  • Glue


1. Trace the pattern onto the tag board and cut it out.
2. Fold the terra cotta card stock in half. Position the pattern on the front with graphite paper underneath and trace with pencil.
3. Carefully fill in the pattern with a thick even application of glue keeping the edges smooth.
4. Immediately pour sand over the glue. Let it set until dry, then pounce off the excess onto the paper plate.
5. Trim the card to the desired size.
6. Fold the natural card stock in half. Glue the sand card to the outside and trim as desired.



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