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By Patty Cox



Main supplies:

  • 81/2” x 11” Pacon® mini Corrobuff® - your choice of color
  • Pacon® 81/2” x 11” construction paper- your choice of color
  • stylus and ruler or straight edge
  • 12” Pacon® Lick N’ Stick art tape your choice of color
  • Fiskars® edger scissors, jigsaw
  • beads: 20x22mm gemstone, 8mm round, 6mm bicone


  • beading thread and needle
  • Fiskars® scissors
  • Glue
  • Royal® graphite paper


1. Cut out pattern and transfer to construction paper using graphite paper. Glue construction paper to the smooth side of corrobuff. Cut out box. The solid lines are cut lines. The dashed lines are score and fold lines. Align a straight edge along a fold line. Run a stylus along straight edge to score the smooth side of box. Tip: An old ball point pen will work in place of a stylus.
2. Crease all fold lines. Glue box tabs together with tacky glue.
3. Decorative Strap Pieces: Cut 12” length lick n’ stick art tape. Cut 1/2” long strips using decorative edge scissors. Fold each strip in half lengthwise. Open folded pieces. Thoroughly moisten and stick straps around treasure chest as shown. Let dry.
4. Thread needle with thread. Knot one end of thread. Insert needle through treasure chest center front. Add beads on needle and thread. Run thread around last bead, then back through other beads. Run thread back through corruboard and knot securely. Cut excess thread. dot knots with glue.

Pacon® mini corrobuff® , construction paper, Lick N’ Stick art tape
Fiskars® edger scissors, stylus and ruler; Royal® Graphite paper


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