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By Patty Cox



Main supplies:

  • 16” x 20” Pacon® cellophane, yellow, red, green, black (or blue)
  • wooden clothespin - doll pin
  • glue stick
  • Fiskars® decorative edger scissors
  • 2 black chenille stems - Pacon®
  • 12” length black thread or nylon filament - Pacon®


1. Cut a 16” x 20” sheet of yellow cellophane. Lay on a flat surface. Cut a 16” x 10” sheet of green cellophane. Place on top half of yellow cellophane.
2. Cut a 13” x 9” oval red cellophane with edger scissors. Tip: To cut an oval, fold red cellophane in half, then in quarters. Round edges. Place on yellow cellophane, below green rectangle.
3. Cut a 16” x 20” sheet of black (or blue) cellophane. Cut ovals from top and bottom section as shown. Tip: Fold black cellophane in half lengthwise, then in quarters. Cut oval half from center of quartered cellophane, along folded edge.
4. Fold layers in half lengthwise, leaving yellow sheet flat. Run a line of glue stick along yellow cellophane center. Lower layers and press at center glue line. Fold top black layer in half lengthwise. Run a line of glue stick along center. Lower layer and press at center glue line. Dot outer edges with glue stick to hold layers together.
5. Round lower wing corners with decorative edge scissors. Cut 4” triangles from each side. (at the center see last picture)
6. Cut 1/2” wide strips of black cellophane from remaining scraps. Apply glue stick on one side of strip. Wrap cellophane ‘tape’ around clothespin top and each leg of clothespin.
7. Gather and crinkle center glue line of cellophane moth with fingers. Push gathered center top into clothespin. Bend black chenille stem in half. Insert fold in clothespin. Bring ends up on clothespin back. Twist stem together to moth ‘neck’. Open ends forming two antennae. Twist second chenille stem around neck to secure the antenna and body to wings. Tie a length of nylon filament to hang the moth.

Pacon® cellophane, chenille stems, nylon filament, Fiskars® decorative edger scissors


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