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By Patty Cox



Main supplies:

  • Glue
  • branch
  • Pacon® KolorFast® Deco-Puffstm, green and light green, pink and dark pink ( assorted pack)
  • Pencil

  • juice jar
  • Pacon® 12” x 18” Madras tissue paper,red/ pink blends
  • White Glue
  • Royal®flat paint brush
  • pebbles, gravel or sand
  • raffia

1. Vase: Remove label from juice jar. Tear or cut madras tissue into about 2 inch squares.
2. Pour 2 tablespoons glue in disposable cup. (use glitter glue for a sparkly jar) Add about 1 teaspoon water. Mix glue solution with brush. Paint a small area of jar with glue solution. Place a tissue rectangle on jar. Brush over tissue with glue solution. Overlap tissue and continue adding rectangles around jar. Let dry. Optional: Add a second coat of glue around jar. When dry, tie raffia around jar neck.
3. Pour pebbles into jar. Place branch in jar. .

1. Layer 4 squares of tissue paper: pink, dkpink, lt green , dk green. Cut into 1 “ squares, keeping the 4 colros stacked. EAch set of 4 tissues makes 16 flowers - make as many stacks as you would liek on your branch.
2. Bend tissue quare around a pencil point, dip in glue and , adhere to the branch. Continue until all flowers have been added.



Main supplies:

  • Yellow Pacon® Burlap
  • White and Pink Pacon® cardstock
  • Pacon® Deco puffstm
  • Glue
  • Branch
  • Fiskars® Scissors
  • Fiskars® Decorative edge scissors
  • Fiskars® hole punch

1. Make seven additional flowers as in first project.
2. Glue 41/4” x 6” yellow burlap on white cardstock. Cut white cardstock 3/8” larger all around using edger scissors. Punch 1/8” holes in border. Center and glue white cardstock on 6” x 12” pink construction paper.
3. Glue stick on burlap. Glue plum blossoms on stick. Glue tissue paper leaves on burlap around blossoms.
4. Tie a bow in the center of a blade of raffia. Tie a knot in loops. Tape raffia ends on hanging back. .


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