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By Mary Ayres



Main supplies:

  • DecoArt® Americana® –
    White, Red, Orange, Green, Medium Blue, Navy Blue, Purple, Bright Pink, Yellow, Brown, Black
  • Canvas board – 9” x 12” – or desired size
  • Royal® Brush - #12 flat
  • Plastic palette knives
  • Foam plate or foil for paint
  • Pencil
  • Royal® Graphite paper
  • Hair comb
  • Paper towels
  • Tape
  • Black permanent felt pen


1. Trace pattern on paper. Tape into place on the canvas board. Slip the graphite paper, graphite side down under the pattern. Re-trace lines with pencil – this will transfer the lines. Remove pattern.
2. Squeeze a nickel size puddle of each color of paint on the foil.
3. Face – Use the brush to mix a face color. To white add a small dot of red and orange. Mix to desired color adding more paint as needed. Use the brush to paint left side of face. Add a dot of brown to mixture and mix to darken. Paint in other face.
4. Refer to photo for color placement for the following steps.
5. Use the small palette knife to apply Brown to hair, applying a thick even coat. Mix a small amount of Yellow into Brown on palette and add to hair. Immediately use the comb to pull thought paint creating the lines, referring to photo for direction.
6. Use the palette knife to fill in other hair with Yellow then add a small amount of Orange. Mix together on the canvas board. Dab the palette knife on the paint for texture.
7. Fill in one dress with Medium Blue, dabbing Navy Blue into it.
8. Apply Green to other dress then use the tip of the palette knife to create swirls in the paint.
9. Eyes – Fill in eye with White. Use finger to swirl Medium blue into center of eye. Dab on a small amount of Navy over the top.
10. Cheek – Use palette knife to mix equal parts of White and Pink on foil. Use finger to fill in cheek with mixture. Deepen pink mixture with a small dab of Red and fill into center of cheek then add a small dab of Red to swirl in the very center.
11. Lips – Fill in with Red then add dabs of Orange.
12. Let all paint thoroughly dry.
13. Detail with Tulip squeezed from the bottle. Start the flow of the paint on a paper towel using an even pressure on the bottle for a smooth line. Out line with the following colors:
Orange – Curls on hair
White – beads at neckline
Bright Pink – smaller beads
Purple – earring
Black - all outlining
14. When dry, run the side of the felt pen along the side of the board to cover the white of the canvas.



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