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By Mary Ayres



Main supplies:

  • Red bandana
  • Fiskars® Scissors
  • Fiskars® Pinking Shears
  • DecoArt® So Soft® Fabric Paint – Bright Yellow, Bright Green, Black
  • Tacky Glue
  • Pacon® Pony Beads – yellow, green, black
  • Paper towels
  • Royal® Kids Choice™ Brushes - Round


1. Fold bandana in a diagonal then fold point to point (Ill. #1)
2. Use pinking shears to cut a 3” strip from the folded edge (#2)
3. Cut a 6” strip from the remaining fabric (#2)
4. Discard remaining fabric.
5. Cut off ends of 6” strip to create straight ends. (#2)
6. Lay pieces on work surface starting with a pointed end then a small piece another small piece and then the other pointed end – this will create a strip for the belt. (#3)
7. Glue edges together creating a strip.
8. Use scissors to snip pointed ends about 4” up and ½” apart creating 8 strips. Thread three pony beads onto each strip and tie a knot in the end to secure.
9. Detail with fabric paint. Referring to photo for reference, detail the printed designs with desired colors of paint. Let dry.


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