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Main supplies:

  • Pacon® 12” x 18” tag board- school or team colors
  • Royal® baseball rub ons
  • Royal® alphabet rub ons
  • Pacon® Construction Paper – white
  • Circle pattern – 2 ¾” diameter
  • Glue stick
  • Fiskars® scissors
  • Red fine tip marker
  • Pencil


1. Find the mid point on one 12” side of the tag board. Use a pencil to mark the spot. It should be 6” from the top. Measure with a straight edge from the midpoint to the each corner of the opposite 12” side. Draw a line to each corner using the straight edge. Cut along the lines to form a pennant shape.
2. Measure and cut a strip of a contrasting color tag board 1 1/8” by 12”. Glue the strip to the 12” side of the pennant. Trim to fit.
3. Position the Baseball rub on. Use the craft stick to transfer the word to the pennant. Position smaller baseball decorations on the contrasting tag board along the side.
4. Add a name with more rub ons or stencils.
5. Use the pattern or a shape or circle cutter to cut three 2 ¾ “circle from the white construction paper. Use the red marker to draw stitch lines on each circle to create a baseball.
6. Glue the three baseballs on the pennant. Cut two of them so they look like they are overlapping the edge of the pennant.



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