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By Patty Cox

Dominican Republic




Main supplies:

  • Pacon® white construction paper
  • wax crayons
  • black watercolors
  • Fiskars® pinking edger scissors
  • Pacon® 10” x 13” natural craft paper bag with handles
  • Pacon® Waffle Papertm
  • white glue
  • Royal® Graphite paper and pencil


1. Transfer pattern to constuction paper by laying graphite paper between pattern and paper and tracing with a pencil. Color in the design on construction paper with your choice of colors. Press color firmly, distributing plenty of color and wax on design area. Any areas not colored will be black.
2. Mix a dark black watercolor mix. Paint black watercolor over entire front of paper. Let dry.
3. Cut along outside border edge of batik with pinking scissors. Lay batik right side down on newspaper. Put glue on back. Center and place batik on waffle paper. Trim waffle paper border edges with pinking scissors.
4. Glue batik to bag using plenty of glue to secure. Place large books over batik until dry.

Pacon® construction paper, Waffle Papertm, Royal® Graphite paper, Fiskars® edger scissors

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