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By Prudy Vannier

Dominican Republic




The street scene depicts the bright landscape colors and daily activity of people in Haiti and Dominican Republic. We get a look at of the type of foliage and houses, too. Canvas paintings such as these are sold to tourists in street markets.

Painting lesson: painting on canvas, using a flat brush with tube acrylics, brush blending, double loading, stroke accents

Main supplies:

  • Primed canvas or canvas board – 8” X 10”
  • Tube acrylic paint or DecoArt ®Americana® Acrylic: Burnt Umber (dark brown), white, Burnt Sienna (reddish brown), light and dark greens, red, Yellow Ochre (dark gold), Cadmium Yellow Light (bright yellow), Cadmium Red Light (orange-red), Ultramarine Blue (bright blue), Cerulean Blue (sky blue), Payne’s Grey (blue-black)
  • Royal® Brushes: ¾” flat, #10 flat
    Painting supplies: water basin, paper towel, Royal® palette paper, Royal® graphite paper, tracing paper, pencil, Roya® stylus

    Painting supplies:
  • water basin
  • paper towel
  • Royal® palette paper
  • Royal® graphite paper
  • tracing paper
  • pencil
  • Roya® stylus


1. Trace the basic pattern onto tracing paper. Transfer it to the canvas by positioning the tracing, then sliding graphite paper under it. Trace over the lines with a stylus so the design transfers to the canvas.
2. Starting at the sky, use the ¾” brush and load it with Cerulean Blue and a little white. Painting horizontally, put in the sky which should be a little streaky. Wipe your brush, add a little Ultramarine Blue to the corner, and darken the corners a bit.
3. Clean the brush and load it with light green. Start vertical strokes at the top of the hills and work down, adding Cadmium Yellow Light to the green so that it mixes as you paint down.
4. The house has a Burnt Siena roof and path. To paint the walls, load the brush with Yellow Ochre, then sideload on one corner with Burnt Umber. Paint vertical strokes starting at the left and working toward the right. On the right side, sideload into white so that the walls are lighter.
5. Transfer the pattern detail. Paint a sun and horizontal sunset with Cadmium Yellow Light. Sideload the brush into some Cadmium Red Light to add some reddish orange to the sun and sunset.
6. Use the #8 brush to paint white clouds. With the “chisel” edge (sideways) ad white waves in the water.
7. Dip the brush into light green and dark green to make vertical slashes across the hills for grass. They should be short in the distance, getting bigger toward the bottom of the painting. Add palm trees in the distance, too.
8. Use the dark green with the #8 brush to paint the cone shaped trees starting across the top of the hill.
9. Paint the door and window white. Use the chisel edge of the brush to paint strokes in the rood, first with Cadmium Red Light, then Cadmium Yellow Light. Outline the door and window with slashes of Cadmium Red Light.
10. Double load the brush with Payne’s Grey on one side and white on the other. Pull downward to paint the palm tree’s trunk. Use the chisel edge to stripe it with Payne’s Grey. The palm fronds are strokes of dark green with overstrokes of Cadmium Yellow Light.
11. The spiky plants in the foreground are strokes of dark green with red fruit.
12. One last detail, add a red boat in the water with a white sail and Burnt Sienna masts.


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