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By Patty Cox




Main supplies:

  • 23/4” x 91/2” interfacing
  • 2 teaspoons instant coffee
  • 1 cup water
  • aluminum pie pan
  • permanent marking pens (black and dark red),
  • Royal® graphite paper and pencil

Optional Fringe:

  • coconut beads
  • 10-black e beads
  • beading thread and needle
  • glue
  • pencil

Optional Fringed Boarder:

  • Pacon® 4” x 11” burlap Pacon


1. Pour 1 cup cool water into pie pan. Add 2 teaspoons instant coffee. Stir once, leaving several coffee crystals undissolved. Place interfacing bookmark in coffee solution. Turn bookmark over once. Lift bookmark out of solution and place on a cookie sheet to dry.
2. Place bookmark over pattern. Using graphite apper transfer design using a pencil Draw details with permanent marking pens..
3. Optional Beaded Fringe: Thread one yard beading thread through beading needle. Knot one end. Bring the needle from back to front of bookmark, 1/8” from lower edge. Thread 12 coconut beads on thread. Thread one black e bead on thread. Thread needle back through 12 coconut beads. Pull thread taut. Thread needle back through starting point. Make the next fringe about 1/4” from the first. Make about 10 beaded fringe. Knot the thread securely on bookmark back. Cut thread. Run a bead of glue over threads on bookmark back. Let dry.
4. Stiffen Burlap Border: Moisten burlap with water and place on aluminum foil. Squeeze a generous amount of glue on burlap. Brush glue over surface of burlap. Let dry. Center and stick tapa bookmark on burlap using glue stick. Place under heavy books for 5 minutes. Trim burlap edges 1/2” larger all around. Fringe burlap edges.


Pacon® burlap, Royal® Graphite Paper

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