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By Prudy Vannier



Tahiti attracts thousands of swimmers, snorkelers and scuba divers each year because of its crystal clear waters and wonderful reefs. To bring a little of Tahiti’s waters into your room, make a tropical fish mobile.

Painting Lesson: size graduating brush tip dots, brush strokes, washes

Main supplies:

  • Packages of large and small circle Paper Mache` Tags by Walnut Hollow
  • 2-12” long dowels with 3 holes drilled through (center and ends)
  • Fine Point Permanent Marker
  • Fish line
  • Royal® Stylus
  • DecoArt® Satin Varnish
  • DecoArt® Americana® Acrylic Paint: Cadmium Orange DA014, Citron Green DA235, Indian Turquoise DA087, Bright Yellow DA227, Titanium White DA001, Lamp Black DA067, True Blue DA036, True Red DA129, Hauser Light Green DA131, Peony Pink DA215, Dioxazine Purple DA101, Desert Turquoise DA044
  • Craft Twinkles Galaxy Blue DCT18
  • Hot Shots Scorching Yellow DHS1, Torrid Orange DHS2, Sizzling Pink DHS3, Fiery Red DHS4, Thermal Green DHS6
  • Royal® Brushes: 1” flat, ½” flat, ¼” angular, #3 round
  • Painting supplies: Royal® water basin, paper towel, Royal® palette paper, Royal® graphite paper tracing paper, pencil, Royal® stylus


1. Paint all circles with Indian Turquoise.
2. Draw fish lightly with pencil onto the circles, front and back. Be creative – draw the body first, then add fins and faces. Decorate them with circles, swirls, plaid or stripes. Add circles for bubbles coming from each fish – big ones on big fish and small ones on minnows. If you prefer to use the drawings as patterns, trace them onto tracing paper. Position the design on the disk, then slide graphite paper under it. Hold firmly in place, then go over the lines with a stylus to transfer the design onto the disk.
3. Paint the fish with the bright colors. Experiment with the brushes holding the brush hairs flat for one stroke and at an angle for another. This will make interesting fins.
4. When they are dry, you can make them even brighter by going over them with the comparable Hot Shot colors – Fiery Red over your red paint, Torrid Orange over the oranges in your paintings. They will glow!
5. Experiment again to paint interesting green or blue sea weed around the fish using different brushes.
6. Outline everything with the marker.
7. Load the ½” flat with the blue Craft Twinkle to paint waves of glitter around the fish. Let this dry, and then varnish all the disks with satin or gloss varnish.
8. Construct your mobile, tying the circles to the dowels with fish line.




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