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By Patty Cox




Main supplies:

  • Pacon® 9” x 12” heavy weight construction paper: white, green
  • Fiskars® Texturing Plate; leaves
  • Fiskars® Texturing Tool
  • Fiskars® KidZorstm edger scissors; worm
  • glue stick
  • Fiskars® scissors

Optional Hanger:

  • raffia
  • cinnamon stick
  • shells, coconut buttons


1. Tape the edges of white heavyweight construction paper on leaves texturing plate. Rub texturing tool in small circular motions over paper surface to emboss leaves on paper. Texture a 51/2” square area (the size of the texture plate). Tape green paper on leaves texture plate. Rub texture on paper. Set green textured paper aside until you reach step 5.
2. Trim white paper to a 53/8” square. Put glue on back and adhere square on green construction paper. Trim edges 1/8” larger all around.
3. Put glue on back, adhere square on white construction paper. Cut edges about 1/4” larger all around using worm edger scissors.
4. Put adhesive on edged square back. Adhere square on green construction paper. Trim edges about 1/8” larger all around.
5. Fold a sheet of green construction paper in half and then in half again. Take the palm leaf pattern and cut out and place on paer. Trace. Cut out - creating 4 pal m leaves. Using pattern cut 4 traingles from scraps of green paper. Position leaves and triangles on square left at step 4 and glue on.
6. Optional Hanger: Tie a blade of raffia about 1” from each end of cinnamon stick, leaving 8” tails. Tie another blade of raffia over one knot. Repeat on other side with another blade of raffia. To coil the long tails, wet tails with water. Wrap each set of tails around a pencil. Let dry. glue shells and coconut buttons on raffia. Tape the two 8” raffia blades to quilt back.


cut 4
textured green
construction paper

Pacon® 9” x 12” construction paper
Fiskars® Texturing Plate; leaves, Texturing Tool, paper punches,
KidZorstm edger scissors


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