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by Barb Zimmerman

This collar or treasure box uses decoupage to make a design using scraps of paper. In Colonial times every scrap of paper was saved.


You will need:

  • 8” Round papier maché box
  • Construction paper - yellow,
    orange, dark orange, green,
    light green, lilac
  • Ivory acrylic paint
  • Satin découpage medium
  • Decorative edge scissors
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Paintbrush
  • Orange permanent marker
  • Pencil


1. Paint box ivory. Apply a second coat. Allow to dry between coats.
2. Apply coat of decoupage medium to entire box. Let dry.
3. Trace, then cut patterns as follows:. Cut pineapple from yellow paper. Cut leaf shape “A” from green paper and leaf shape “B” from light green paper. Cut four 1¼8 " x 3” strips of orange paper and four 1¼8 " x 3” strips from the dark orange paper.
4. Glue strips of paper in a diamond pattern on large pineapple. Let dry, then trim edges.
5. Cut strips of lilac paper with decorative edge scissors for box top and rim. Cut two 1¼2 " x 7” strips for box top and three 3¼4 " x 7” strips for rim. Cut three 3¼4 " square pieces from light green paper.



6. Brush the back of each large pineapple piece with découpage medium, then glue to the center of the top of the box. Brush lilac strips with medium, then glue to box on either side of the pineapple. Glue three lilac strips around the rim, separated by light green squares. Let dry. Apply a second coat of découpage medium to entire box top. Let dry.
7. Cut four small pineapples from yellow and green paper. Draw a diamond shape pattern on each small pineapple with an orange marker. Using découpage medium, glue four pineapples to sides of box. Cut four strips of lilac paper (approximately 3¼4 " x 3” each) and glue between small pineapples. Apply a second coat of découpage medium to entire base of box. Let dry. Apply an additional coat of découpage medium to entire box. Let dry.

Cut shapes from colored paper.

Cut strips of paper with
decorative edge scissors.

Place a square between the strips on rim.

Draw diamond shape pattern on pineapple.


Darice® Papier Maché Box; Strathmore Kids™ Series Shadow Paper, Construction Paper; Fiskars® Paper Edgers, Scissors; Delta Ceramcoat® Acrylic Paint; Satin Decoupage Medium

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