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by Lynda Musante


You will need:

  • Paper board journal or memory book
  • Blue plastic backed foil sheets
  • Holographic sticky-back sheets - gold & purple
  • 24 Gauge wire - any color
  • Diecut machine and die or pattern and scissors
  • Long decorative edge scissors
  • 1/4" Wide double sided tape
  • Black fine tip permanent marker
  • Craft snips
  • Stylus
  • Scissors
  • Ruler




1. Using die cut machine or pattern and scissors, cut a large star from both holographic sheets. Cut a 1 1/4 " x 2 3/4 " piece from gold holographic sheet then trim the edges with decorative scissors. Set aside.

2. Using craft snips, cut several assorted lengths of wire. Coil and shape wires as desired. Arrange on cover of journal until pleased with arrangement. Secure wire shapes to journal with double sided tape.

3. Cut a 10 1/2 " x 12 1/2 " piece of blue foil and place on table with blue side down. Center opened journal on top of foil. Use stylus to trace around edge of journal. Remove journal from foil. Fold foil in half, aligning the 10 1/2 " edges. Cut a slit in foil 1/4 " from folded edge, cutting from top edge of foil to traced line. repeat, cutting from bottom edge of foil to traced line. Open foil up and trim tabs to 1/4 " length.




Place journal back onto foil with center spine of journal aligned with the center fold of foil. Place tape on tabs and fold tabs in. Fold top and bottom edges of foil up onto journal. Secure with double sided tape. Diagonally fold corners ( like wrapping a package ) and similarly fold tape side edges of foil to journal.

4. Cut two 4 3/4 " x 8 1/4 " pieces of blue foil for inside lining of journal. Tape lining pieces to the inside of front and back cover.

5. Use finger to gently press foil down along wire shapes on front cover. Remove paper backing and attach holographic stars and rectangle to front of journal. Use black permanent marker to add details.

6. Cut hand shape from contrasting holographic paper then place on top of star.

Reynolds® Bright Ideas™ Craft Surface Blanks, Ultra™ Foil Sheets, Bright Ideas™ Holographic Sheets, Double Sided Tape, Stylus; Toner Plastics, Inc.™ Fun Wire™; Ellison® LetterMachine™, Instructional and Decorative Dies; Fiskars® Long Paper Edger, Scissors; Sukura of America Permapaque™ Opaque Marker







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