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by Barb Zimmerman


You will need:

  • Clear glass vase or jar
  • Tissue paper - white
  • Construction paper - pink, purple & orange
  • Diecut machine and dies or patterns and scissors
  • Purple fine point permanent marker
  • Scissors
  • Flat paintbrush
  • White glue
  • Plastic bowl
  • Wax paper
  • Small votive candle
  • Optional: Ribbon



1. Using die cut machine or pattern and scissors, cut butterflies from colored construction paper. The number you cut out will depend on the size of the vase.

2. Mix one part white school glue to 2 1/2" parts water in a disposable plastic bowl. Mix gently. Tear tissue paper into small pieces. Coat a small section of the vase with the glue mixture then randomly press pieces of tissue onto the surface overlapping as needed until the vase is completely covered.

3. Brush one side of butterflies with glue mixture then apply to the vase. Lightly brush another coat of glue mixture over the butterflies. Apply another layer of torn white tissue paper over the butterflies and the vase. Set on wax paper and let dry completely.



4. When the glue is dry, add detail to butterflies and decorative lines or patterns around them with the purple marker.

5. Place votive candle inside. Your butterflies will dance by the candle light.

Optional: Decorate the bottom and top edges of the vase with coordinating colors of ribbon. Glue in place. Use leaves and other colors of tissue for variations.



Ellison® The XL Ellison® LetterMachine™, Decorative and Instructional Dies; Darice® Ribbon; Sakura of America IDenti-pen™ ; Fiskars® Scissors

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