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Winter Candle Holders
by Tracia Ledford Williams
Paint a great face on a clay pot or glass container to bring snow indoors without melting!

Winter Candle Holders

You will need:
  • Surface conditioner and gloss glaze
  • Brushes- #5 Round, #12 Flat, 18/0 Liner and 3/4" Flat
  • Tracing and transfer paper
  • 21/2" Terra cotta pot
  • Glass votive
  • Glass paint - White, Black, Tangerine, Red and Shimmering Blue
  • Assorted glass paints


Apply surface conditioner to entire surface of pot.
    Snowman Candle Holder
  1. Paint bottom of pot white and top edge black.
  2. Mix a small amount of red with white and paint cheeks pink.
  3. Paint nose tangerine.
  4. Add black dots for eyes and mouth. Use a liner brush dipped in black to add line to mouth and nose. Let dry. Apply a thin layer of gloss glaze to seal.

    Snowflake Candle Holder

  5. Paint pot with two coats of blue glass paint.
  6. Paint snowflakes white with a liner brush.
  7. Apply a coat of gloss glaze. Let dry.

Winter Candle Holders

Winter Candle Holders Directions

Delta Permenamel Glass Paint, Surface Conditioner and Gloss Glaze; Eagle Golden Taklon Brush


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