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by Julie McGuffee


You will need:
  • Flip flops
  • Hole punch
  • Craft foam shapes
  • Plastic lacing
  • Pony beads
  • Tapestry Needle
  • Glue



1. Choose pre-cut foam shapes to decorate the straps of your flip flops. Foot shapes were used on our sample ( or design your own ).

2. Glue a medium foot shape to a large foot shape then a small foot shape to the medium foot shape.

3. Place the shape on the top of the strap then mark the strap about where the center of your shapes will be. Punch two holes about 1/2" apart at this spot on the strap. You may need an adult to help with this step.

4. Cut a piece of plastic lace about 8". From the top, thread one end into one hole then up through the next hole. Pull ends even. Thread one end of the lacing onto the tapestry needle then use to pull the lacing up through the center of the foam shapes. Push the shapes down onto the strap. Remove the needle from this piece of lacing then thread onto the end of the other piece. Pull this peace through the foam shapes in the same manner.

5. Pull ends of lacing together then make sure the foam shapes are pushed firmly against the strap, tie once. Thread ends onto three pony beads. Secure with an overhand knot then trim away excess lacing. Repeat for the other side.

6. Punch a hole at the center of the strap. Fold an 8" piece of lacing in half. Thread both ends into the hole. Pull the ends up, over the top edge of the strap and down through the loop of the lace at the front. Pull tight. Thread 3 pony beads onto each end of the lace. Secure with an overhand knot against the last bead.



Darice® Foamies™ , Pony Beads; Toner Plastics, Inc.™ Nooodles™

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