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by Kathie Kromer
of Michael’s Arts & Craft Store

What’s a visit to the shores of the Atlantic Ocean without collecting shells? Did you know you’re not really hearing the ocean when you put a shell up to your ear? What you’re hearing is the constant noise around you that you tend to ignore. When you put anything against your ear even a glass, it strengthens a certain group of frequencies of sound - so you’re just hearing outside noise.

You will need:

  • Oval wood frame
  • Acrylic paint - blue
  • 12” Length 22 gauge wire - turquoise
  • Small sea shells
  • Blue pre-tinted grout
  • Paint brush
  • Craft drill and small bit
  • Craft stick



1. Using the craft drill and small bit, drill 2 holes in top of frame about 1” apart.
2. Paint front and back of frame blue. Let dry.
3. Thread one end of turquoise wire into one hole at top of frame. Using the end of the paint brush, coil the end of the wire. Repeat with other end of the wire for a hanger.
4. Spread enough grout on frame to have about a ¼” thickness.
5. Press shells into grout. Let dry.

Fiskars® Craft Hand Drill; Toner Plastics, Inc.™ Fun Wire™;
Delta Ceramcoat® Acrylic Paint

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