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Stained Glass
by Maria N. Filosa

Glue and paper are all you need to create beautiful 'stick-on' stained glass. You can try three different glues to create different finishes and texture.

You will need:

  • 4 Colors non-bleeding tissue paper
  • Paint brush
  • Pencil
  • Tracing paper
  • Clear acrylic plastic sheet
  • White glue
  • Glitter glues and gels Scissors
Stained Glass


  1. Trace your design onto tracing paper. Assign a number to each color then number each space on the pattern according to the color you will use. Place the clear acrylic sheet on top. Place a piece of colored tissue paper over the acrylic sheet and lightly trace around the lines of the section you want in that color of tissue. Cut it out and place it on your original pattern to help you keep track of your pieces. Continue tracing and cutting out sections in various colors of tissue and then placing them on the original design until all pieces have been cut out.
  2. Keep the clear acrylic sheet over the traced design, then one by one, brush glue over each section on the acrylic sheet. Glue the cut tissue paper in place. Brush glue over the tissue being very careful not to press too hard, which may move or rip your tissue. Glue all the sections down, then cover the entire surface again with a heavy layer of glue. Let glue dry at least one hour.
  3. Working very slowly, squeeze a line of glitter glue or gel over all seams. Try to keep all your lines the same thickness. You can use one color of glitter or several colors. Let your design dry overnight.
  4. When your design is completely dry, it will easily lift off the clear acrylic sheet. Trim the edges to make them even. Stick to your window by moistening the window with some water on a paper towel. Don't make it too wet; just wipe the window with the wet towel and press your 'Faux Stained Glass' design onto the wet area.

    Options: For a glossy finish, use tacky glue. Use fabric glue if you would like to make a panel that can be hung in a window. When the fabric glue is dry the acrylic sheet will stay in place. You will then be able to cut around both your design and the acrylic sheet.
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