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by Sandi Genovese

Books were made of papyrus scrolls. Later parchment or vellum, a sheer paper was used to record events, write letters and make books.


You will need:

  • Die cut machine and dies
    or pattern and scissors
  • Dies - Star #1A, Circles
  • Paper - tan, ivory, white, green,
    gold, orange, red
  • Raffia
  • Black pen
  • Adhesive
  • 1¼8" Hole Punch

1. Using die cut machine or scissors, cut shapes from colored paper as shown on the patterns. Trim tan colored paper to 12" x 8" size, then fold in half across the width to measure 6" x 8".

2. Trim several sheets of white paper and a piece of vellum for first sheet so that they are smaller than the cover. Fold all sheets in half.

3. Punch two holes in the cover on the fold line about 1" from the edge. Using the cover holes as a guide, punch two holes along the fold line in the inside sheets.

4. With the vellum as the first sheet, align the sheets inside the cover, then thread raffia through the holes. Tie a bow on the outside.

5. Draw the pattern for the Roman border on heavy paper, then cut out.

6. Cut a piece of white paper about 2" smaller on all sides than the front cover. Trace the borderaround the edge of the paper. Color the negative black and leave the pattern white.

7. Center, then glue the bordered paper to a sheet of red paper that is slightly larger to make a red border around the edge. Cut out, then add a green square to each corner.

8. Place a red rectangle in the center. Attach a smaller white rectangle on top of the red.

9. To make a Roman shield, overlap then glue the two gold stars together. Glue red, white and gold circles in the middle. Glue the shield to the center of the white paper.

10. Mat the Roman design on ivory paper, then glue to the center of the journal cover.
Check out these web sites for additional Roman designs: www.grahamthomas.com/lyson3.html,


Trim sheets of paper. Fold in half. Punch holes on fold.

Assemble, then tie papers and cover together with raffia.

Glue Roman shield pattern to ivory paper.

Glue decorated panel to the cover of the book.

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