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Series 1800 – Get Creative!

1801 Fins, Feathers and Fur
Let's get creative with inspiration from the forest, sea and sky. Jenny Barnett-Rohrs and Katie Hacker make a friendly hedgehog then Katie creates a wiggly fish. Franz Spohn scratches off paint to make colorful animal images and Jenny makes a gelatin print Valentine's Day card.

1802 Dress Up
It's fun to dress up and decorate. Jenny Barnett-Rohrs and Katie Hacker team up to make a really cool cape. Candie Cooper recreates a design from a famous modern artwork. Then, we'll dance away in a new tutu skirt and make a patriotic decoration from blogger Angie Holden. 

1803 Superheroes
Who's your favorite superhero?  Katie Hacker creates a utility belt to boost your super powers. Jenny Barnett-Rohrs makes a hero emblem for your room. Franz Spohn shows how to draw yourself into a comic book hero and Katie makes Kryptonite soap.

1804 Too Nice to Stay Inside
Let’s head outside for some fun. Jenny Barnett-Rohrs makes colorful hand grips for your bike. Katie Hacker has some fun with friendly bugs. Franz Spohn has sidewalk art tips and Katie makes special discovery eggs.

1805 Wings
Our creativity takes to the air. Jenny Barnett-Rohrs and Katie Hacker make sparkly wings and Katie creates a funny spoon bird. Franz Spohn creates see-through bug wings and we'll make a very special chalkboard gift for Mom or Dad.

1806 Trees
Bring the outside inside with a little creativity. Jenny Barnett-Rohrs makes a colorful leafy tree banner. Candie Cooper creates a fish kite and Katie Hacker builds a whimsical woods scene. Then, Jenny decorates a glittery tree to celebrate the holidays.

1807 Outer Limits
Break the creative boundaries and travel to the outer limits. Blast off as Jenny Barnett-Rohrs makes a bottle rocket. Katie Hacker tracks the journey on a decorated bulletin board.  Franz Spohn makes portraits with candy beads and we'll make a sparkly Easter decoration from blogger Jen Goode.

1808 Write It Down
When creative ideas pop up, write them down.  Make a colorful pocket journal with Jenny Barnett-Rohrs. Candie Cooper shares creative tips for handwriting and Franz Spohn writes with clay. Katie Hacker decorates for fall with a shining pumpkin luminary from blogger Carissa Bonham.

1809 On The Road and Around the Word
Travel can really shake up your creativity. Inspired by their travels, Jenny Barnett-Rohrs and Katie Hacker capture cityscapes. Candie Cooper makes a necklace or bookmark with beads from around the world.  Franz Spohn sketches vacation memories and Katie makes colorful candy ornaments from blogger Angie Holden. 

1810 Creatures
With some paper and a little creativity, we’ll make a silly, slithery creature. Candie Cooper recreates impressionist art and Katie Hacker makes glittery slime. Jenny Barnett-Rohrs makes creepy eyeballs and silly spiders for Halloween fun from blogger Morena Hockley.

1811 Music
Music inspires creativity and adds to the fun.  To keep the beat, Jenny Barnett-Rohrs makes a drum. Katie Hacker makes a jingly bell bracelet and Franz Spohn illustrates great musical works. Jenny has a wonderful gift idea for a sports fan from blogger Morena Hockley.

1812 Me!
Let's turn toward ourselves for creative ideas. When she makes a lighted mirror, Jenny Barnett-Rohrs makes you a star. Katie Hacker makes personal paper dolls and Franz Spohn draws a 3D self-portrait.  Jenny celebrates Thanksgiving with Pilgrim-style table decorations.

1813 Make Believe
Anything can happen in the world of make-believe. Jenny Barnett-Rohrs turns into a scary monster with a fun headband. Katie Hacker makes a fantasy tent and then whips up a never-ending cherry pie. Jenny shows how to create a show with puppets you make yourself from blogger Mom Carolina Moore.


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